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sockets.c File Reference
#include <rfb/rfb.h>
#include <errno.h>
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#define closesocket   close


void rfbInitSockets (rfbScreenInfoPtr rfbScreen)
void rfbShutdownSockets (rfbScreenInfoPtr rfbScreen)
int rfbCheckFds (rfbScreenInfoPtr rfbScreen, long usec)
rfbBool rfbProcessNewConnection (rfbScreenInfoPtr rfbScreen)
void rfbDisconnectUDPSock (rfbScreenInfoPtr rfbScreen)
void rfbCloseClient (rfbClientPtr cl)
int rfbConnect (rfbScreenInfoPtr rfbScreen, char *host, int port)
int rfbReadExactTimeout (rfbClientPtr cl, char *buf, int len, int timeout)
int rfbReadExact (rfbClientPtr cl, char *buf, int len)
int rfbPeekExactTimeout (rfbClientPtr cl, char *buf, int len, int timeout)
int rfbWriteExact (rfbClientPtr cl, const char *buf, int len)
int rfbStringToAddr (char *str, in_addr_t *addr)
int rfbListenOnTCPPort (int port, in_addr_t iface)
int rfbListenOnTCP6Port (int port, const char *iface)
int rfbConnectToTcpAddr (char *host, int port)
int rfbListenOnUDPPort (int port, in_addr_t iface)
rfbBool rfbSetNonBlocking (int sock)


int rfbMaxClientWait = 20000

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#define closesocket   close

Definition at line 100 of file sockets.c.