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void rfbShowCursor (rfbClientPtr cl)
void rfbHideCursor (rfbClientPtr cl)
void rfbRedrawAfterHideCursor (rfbClientPtr cl, sraRegionPtr updateRegion)
rfbClientPtr rfbClientIteratorHead (rfbClientIteratorPtr i)
void rfbFreeUltraData (rfbClientPtr cl)

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◆ rfbClientIteratorHead()

rfbClientPtr rfbClientIteratorHead ( rfbClientIteratorPtr  i)

Definition at line 193 of file rfbserver.c.

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◆ rfbFreeUltraData()

void rfbFreeUltraData ( rfbClientPtr  cl)

Definition at line 34 of file ultra.c.

◆ rfbHideCursor()

void rfbHideCursor ( rfbClientPtr  cl)

Definition at line 503 of file cursor.c.

◆ rfbRedrawAfterHideCursor()

void rfbRedrawAfterHideCursor ( rfbClientPtr  cl,
sraRegionPtr  updateRegion 

Definition at line 711 of file cursor.c.

◆ rfbShowCursor()

void rfbShowCursor ( rfbClientPtr  cl)

Definition at line 545 of file cursor.c.