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Data Fields
AppData Struct Reference

app data (belongs into rfbClient?) More...

#include <rfbclient.h>

Data Fields

rfbBool shareDesktop
rfbBool viewOnly
const char * encodingsString
rfbBool useBGR233
int nColours
rfbBool forceOwnCmap
rfbBool forceTrueColour
int requestedDepth
int compressLevel
int qualityLevel
rfbBool enableJPEG
rfbBool useRemoteCursor
rfbBool palmVNC
 use palmvnc specific SetScale (vs ultravnc) More...
int scaleSetting
 0 means no scale set, else 1/scaleSetting More...

Detailed Description

app data (belongs into rfbClient?)

Definition at line 96 of file rfbclient.h.

Field Documentation

int compressLevel

Definition at line 108 of file rfbclient.h.

rfbBool enableJPEG

Definition at line 110 of file rfbclient.h.

const char* encodingsString

Definition at line 100 of file rfbclient.h.

rfbBool forceOwnCmap

Definition at line 104 of file rfbclient.h.

rfbBool forceTrueColour

Definition at line 105 of file rfbclient.h.

int nColours

Definition at line 103 of file rfbclient.h.

rfbBool palmVNC

use palmvnc specific SetScale (vs ultravnc)

Definition at line 112 of file rfbclient.h.

int qualityLevel

Definition at line 109 of file rfbclient.h.

int requestedDepth

Definition at line 106 of file rfbclient.h.

int scaleSetting

0 means no scale set, else 1/scaleSetting

Definition at line 113 of file rfbclient.h.

rfbBool shareDesktop

Definition at line 97 of file rfbclient.h.

rfbBool useBGR233

Definition at line 102 of file rfbclient.h.

rfbBool useRemoteCursor

Definition at line 111 of file rfbclient.h.

rfbBool viewOnly

Definition at line 98 of file rfbclient.h.

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